Great Journeys New Zealand is more than just a tourism division; it's the embodiment of a legacy. Built on 150 years of rail experience and a thousand kilometres of scenic rail, we have evolved to become the custodians of an extraordinary rail network in the heart of Aotearoa.

Celebrating New Zealand, Its People, and Our Transport Heritage

Our story begins with the rich heritage of rail travel in New Zealand, a journey integral to the growth of our communities and the shaping of our society.

Embracing the legacy of our rail network, Great Journeys New Zealand took flight with a refreshed look in 2022 and the introduction of Unique Rail Tours and Short Breaks & Packages. The focus remains on connecting guests with the diverse regions of New Zealand, offering experiences far from the ordinary paths.


A Tapestry of Scenic Journeys 

Our world-class scenic train journeys, including the Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and TranzAlpine, form the backbone of our service. These journeys offer an unparalleled window into the heart of New Zealand's landscapes, from the vibrant cities of Auckland and Wellington to the rugged West Coast of the South Island.


Imbuing Every Journey with Manaakitanga and Local Essence

The essence of our service is our signature Manaakitanga. We place our guests at the centre, infusing each journey with warmth, understanding, and a deep respect for the mana of our manuhiri. Treating each guest as a respected visitor in our home, we create experiences that are both moving and powerful.


Sustainability and Aotearoa Identity

Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to a distinct Aotearoa feel. We incorporate Tikanga Māori, local connections, and nature into our services, creating an experience that resonates with the rhythm and spirit of New Zealand.


Immersive Experiences and Human Connection 

Our journeys go beyond transportation; they are immersive experiences that foster human connection. Through authentic, meaningful interactions, we offer narratives that engage, entertain, and enlighten, enveloping our guests in genuine hospitality and care.


Aotearoa Sensory Embrace

We deliver a distinctly New Zealand experience, integrating tikanga Maori and local flavours across all touchpoints. Our goal is to engage all senses, providing an interior experience that rivals the external beauty of our landscapes.


Engaging with Local Communities and Environment

Our stops are opportunities to engage with local communities. We enhance our onboard services by collaborating with local partners, offering our guests a comprehensive and authentic experience of New Zealand's culture and hospitality.


Local Tours and Staff Engagement

We seamlessly integrate our journeys with local attractions, enabling our guests to effortlessly experience the best of New Zealand. Our staff, embodying our signature Manaakitanga, are dedicated to making every guest feel welcome and cherished.


Manuhiri - The Gathering of the Birds 

The concept of Manuhiri, inspired by our native birdlife and landscapes, is at the heart of our service philosophy. It symbolises our commitment to treating every guest with respect and care, honouring them as special visitors in our home.

In essence, our story is a celebration of New Zealand's unique heritage, its people, and our commitment to offering transformative travel experiences. Join us at Great Journeys New Zealand, where every journey is a discovery, every view a revelation, and every guest a valued part of our story.

The Great Bird Will Soar...

Connecting our land and people, New Zealand rail has always been integral to our young country, growing communities, society, and commerce. With the custodianship of this great network at our heart, Great Journeys New Zealand is taking flight.

Ma Te Huruhuru Ka Rere Te Manu Nui

With Strong Feathers, The Great Bird Will Soar