Things to do in Lake Brunner

Relaxing and enjoying the spectacular West Coast scenery come top of the list of things to do in Moana Lake Brunner—and these are easy to enjoy in this idyllic little town.

And for those that enjoy walking and fishing amidst spectacular scenery, this will be your heaven.

There are more than a dozen walking trails in the region, with everything from strolling around the shoreline's beaches to short bush walks to full-day mountain hikes.

On the fishing front, Lake Brunner is renowned for its ample stocks of brown trout that can be fly fished all year round.  

Lake Brunner Accommodation

Staying overnight in Moana is a fantastic option for breaking up your journey and exploring the spectacular Lake Brunner and West Coast region.

You'll find several options for accommodation near Lake Brunner, including the beautiful Lake Brunner Eco Lodge on the far side of the lake, and the cheap and easy camping facilities at Lake Brunner Motor Camp in Moana. But the most convenient for arriving in Lake Brunner by train is the Hotel Lake Brunner. 

History of Moana & Lake Brunner

The history of Lake Brunner and Moana stretches a long way back before the arrival of Thomas Brunner in 1948. 

Arthur's Pass, which the TranzAlpine train passes through today, is an ancient trail that has brought people through this part of the world en-route to the West Coast for centuries. 

Known to Māori as Moana Kotuka, the lake has long been a source of food for those travels and early settlers who fished eel. 


Getting to Lake Brunner and Moana

Travel to Lake Brunner by train aboard the heavenly TranzAlpine. You can choose one of our day experiences or book a short escape and discover the magic of Moana.