Be immersed in our Signature Tours

Our immersive Signature Tours venture beneath the surface, where you'll discover unique and beautiful New Zealand as never seen before. Our Tour Director will guide you through the Land of the Long White Cloud, treating you to the histories and ancestral tales as you travel. Beyond the tracks, you'll be introduced to world-famous landmarks and local surprises. All the while, our Signature Tours add an extra touch of comfort and relaxation with exceptional accommodation and cuisine.

Explore more with our Classic Tours

Exploring New Zealand is magnificently easy with our Classic Tours. With your travel and accommodation organised for you and the unmissable sights of New Zealand included, our Tour Director will guide you on a magical expedition around New Zealand. Either tailor your tour when booking or ask your Tour Director to organise activities for you during the tour, with plenty of free time included our Classic Tours will be your ultimate New Zealand holiday.