Walking in Paradise

The moment our rail tours enter Westland Tai Poutinin National Park in Franz Josef, true adventure begins. Be immersed in the picturesque wilderness, perfect for walking and hiking.

With ancient temperate rainforests, rugged mountains, glacial valleys, and pristine coastline, there is a walk for every ability. In fact, this small town offers about 30 different walking tracks ranging from short scenic tracks to challenging multi-day hikes. 

Read on to discover a few of our favourite trails. 


Terrace Walk


This leisurely stroll meanders through the lush terraces covered in vegetation at the southern part of the Franz Josef Township. 

As evening dawns, explore this walk to see the glow-worms hanging from the large fallen trees beside the track. 



Tatare Tunnels Track

RETURN: EASY 80 MIN | 3.6 km

Discover forgotten tunnel systems created by pioneers from the 19th century gold-mining era. This old tunnel system supplied water to Franz Josef from 1911 until 1982.

Set off for a gentle climb behind Franz Josef Waiau Township, passing water supply pipes and tanks before dropping into a scenic view of Tatare Gorge. Make sure you bring a torch, water-resistant shoes, a raincoat, and your sense of adventure to explore the tunnel! 


Callery Track


Journey into the ancient rainforest to follow an old gold mining water race. Descending to the historic Callery Gorge Bridge, be immersed in the blue waters of Callery Gorge.

This trail is perfect for those who enjoy stunning rivers, gorges and historic relics. 


Robert's Point Track


Following Waiho/Franz Josef Glacier Valley, this trail traverses rock formations shaped by ice and passes numerous small streams before reaching a vantage point above the glacial ice. After approximately an hour, the path emerges onto smooth rock formations at Hende's Hut which is an impeccable place to have lunch.

Along the way, enjoy scrubland, suspension bridge and views of glaciers, rock walls, waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks from Robert's Point. 


Getting to Franz Josef walks

You can travel on the world-famous TranzAlpine train to the West Coast as part of one of our packages or tours.