The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the upper South Island in November 2016 dramatically impacted Kaikōura turning a thriving seaside town built on tourism into an isolated community starved of connection and business.  For locals who call this place home, it was a harrowing night that will never be forgotten.  At the time, journalists, researchers, photographers and explorers cautiously hurried to the scene to not only document the damage but also the new wonders which had been created by mother-nature.   Some of these incredible sights still exist today and now the dust has settled, an entirely new landscape has emerged creating a new New Zealand to be explored in Kaikōura and the surrounding areas. 

The lake was formed when a 150-metre landslide plunged into the Hāpuku River

- Marlborough Express

80kms of coastline was lifted clear out of the water.

- New Zealand Geographic

Parts of Kaikoura look like an alien landscape.


It’s incredible how high the seabed has risen

- The Press, 2016


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After 2 years and incredible engineering efforts, the Coastal Pacific train has re-opened, giving you the world’s first window seat to some of the amazing new things to be discovered along the east coast of the South Island.   The journey starts from either Christchurch, Blenheim or Picton giving you an unfiltered view through large panoramic windows of this new New Zealand.

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