It's all in the detail

The carriage’s theme and design depict a ‘coiling bird,’ representative of our Manuhiri.

Over three years have been devoted to perfecting the meaningful and comfortable interior of our new carriage. The elegantly designed interior boasts wide, comfortable seats organised in intimate groups of four. This layout promotes a shared experience, encouraging guests to connect and exchange stories while savouring the delights of our menu. Artistic details are woven throughout the carriage, enriching the narrative and enhancing the journey for our manuhiri.

The theme and design of the carriage embody the 'coiling bird,' symbolising our Manuhiri. The phrase “Ma Te Huruhuru, Ka Rere Te Manu Nui” captures the essence of resilience and strength. In Te Reo Māori, it means “With strong feathers, the great bird will soar.” Just as the majestic bird relies on its sturdy plumage, our manuhiri can unwind and feel confident that their journey with us will elevate them to new heights.

Every detail of the carriage's stylishly designed interior has been thoughtfully crafted to enrich your travel experience. From the new, comfortable seating configurations that invite relaxation to the large panoramic windows offering unobstructed views, this innovative carriage truly adds an extra layer of luxury to our world-class rail service.

"Eyes of Our Guardians"

Acting as our guardian for our Manuhiri along the way

The backbone of the Toroa

Albatross design developed by NZ based Māori artist Ephraim Russell

56 Manuhiri

Represent you the visitor, one of the 56 Manuhiri travelling with us

Engraved Tables

“Tuku atu, Tuku mai”, meaning “a great journey, is a journey shared”

6 Features of our Manuhiri Carriage

It's more than journeying from A to B

  • Personal Welcome: the onboard team provides a personal greeting, guides you to your seat, and points out amenities like storage spaces and coat racks.

  • Shared Dining: A social affair, seats are arranged two by two with a shared dining table. Each table is skilfully engraved with “Tuku atu Tuku mai,” meaning “a great journey is a journey shared.”

  • Interior Design: Features a 'coiling bird' design theme throughout, with thoughtful artistic elements like sculptures and artwork representing visitors.

  • Sculptures and Artwork: Includes the “Eyes of Our Guardians” sculpture, the Toroa (albatross) backbone on the ceiling, and 56 birds representing each passenger.

  • Infotainment and Internet: Access to our Great Journeys New Zealand app, offering GPS-triggered landscape information and stories.

  • Dining Experience: Offers a top-tier dining experience with white tablecloths, dynamic scenery, and locally sourced menus inspired by the landscape.

Fine Dining on the Rails

Exclusive Access with Scenic Plus

Three Journeys, Three Unique Menus

Each of our three train journeys features a distinct menu, inspired by the scenery it passes. Meticulously developed, our new Scenic Plus dining menu is delivered from a custom-built kitchen carriage. Here, both hot and cold dishes are freshly prepared on board.

The ingredients for these tantalising dishes, along with the perfectly paired wines, are sourced from the regions visible from your window, offering an immersive culinary experience that mirrors the scenic vistas outside.

For instance, on our Coastal Pacific journey, guests can enjoy Tahu Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a tasting platter featuring green shell mussels. Meanwhile, on the TranzAlpine, the exclusive menu includes slow-braised Canterbury lamb shoulder paired with wine from the family-operated Melton Estate near Christchurch.