From the inspiring Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier nestled amidst lush rainforests to the stunning expanse of the Tasman Glacier, let us introduce you to New Zealand's finest icy giants. In this blog, we will be delving into the incredible world of NZ's glaciers, offering valuable insights into the best places to see these frozen marvels, and highlighting the best tourist train to reach them.

Other Must-See Glaciers

Hitting the road to explore New Zealand's lesser-known glaciers? You're in for a treat. Whether you're cruising in a car or navigating in a motorhome, you'll find these glacier locales welcoming with well-marked parking spots and clearly defined trailheads—your perfect starting point for an icy adventure.

The freedom of a road trip lets you take pit stops at charming towns and picturesque natural landmarks. So, whether you're setting out from Christchurch, Queenstown, or another idyllic locale, don't miss the opportunity to discover these hidden glacial gems that equally deserve a spot on your bucket list.

Safety First

Glaciers are dynamic and can be hazardous, so always prioritise safety during your exploration. Follow the instructions provided by experienced guides and adhere to designated paths and roped-off areas. Glacier exploration can be physically demanding, so be sure to carry plenty of water, snacks, and energy-rich food to keep yourself hydrated and energised throughout the day.

Being prepared and cautious will ensure that your glacier journey remains safe and enjoyable.


Respect the Environment

Glaciers are delicate ecosystems that require respect and preservation.

When you visit these iconic locations, make sure to minimise your impact by following Leave No Trace principles:

  • Carry out any waste you produce
  • Respect wildlife and vegetation, and leave the area as you found it.
  • By treading lightly and respecting the environment, you contribute to the conservation of these natural wonders, ensuring that future generations can also marvel at their beauty.

Ready to explore New Zealand Glaciers?

Ready to embark on an unforgettable glacier exploration?

New Zealand's glaciers showcase some of the world's best views, set against a backdrop of towering mountains and verdant forests, creating surreal landscapes. 

Travel there by NZ rail to experience your perfect gateway to see glaciers in New Zealand. Remember to plan ahead, prioritise safety, and respect the delicate ecosystems to optimise your glacier journey. Whether you're a local seeking a holiday by rail or an international traveller searching for things to do in New Zealand in winter, secure your seat now by booking a scenic train ride through New Zealand. 

Travel by train to experience the wonder of New Zealand's glaciers