Gain a unique perspective of New Zealand

Our Open-air Viewing Carriages are famous around the world thanks to the amazing photographs people capture and share on Social Media. 

But even those who aren't looking for a sensational image for the 'gram enjoy the unique sensation of travelling through New Zealand's mighty landscapes from the vantage point of our outdoor viewing decks. And many dinnertime anecdotes of travelling New Zealand have included the tale of travelling outdoors on our trains. 

Each of our three Scenic trains features an Open-air viewing carriage. So be sure to bring some warm clothes along so you can enjoy part of your journey outside. 

Get Closer to New Zealand's stunning scenery

Explore New Zealand's great outdoors, from the highs of the volcanic plateau to the rocky coastlines of Kaikoura through the mountains of the Southern Alps.

Breathe it all in from our Open-air Viewing Carriages.

Discover more

Find out more about our Scenic Class experience, and what you will discover on board.

Our Scenic Class Carriages

Glide through the heart of New Zealand's beautiful scenery in our Scenic Class carriages

Scenic Cafe

Savour the journey with locally sourced food & drink from our Scenic Cafe to accompany the views

Audio Commentary

Connect with the stories of our land by tuning into our Audio Commentary

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